Jewelry Plaster CO,.LTD.

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Jewelry Plaster Co,.Ltd

       Jewelry plaster Ltd (JPL) was established in 1995 to manufacture refractory mould materials for the casting of non-ferrous metals by the lost wax casting process. Over the years the company has developed into a leading specialist in the use of gypsum plaster for non-ferrous metal casting and is dominant in the jewelry casting market in Thailand and South East Asia.
       JPL Product are used for the manufacture of jewelry and for the production of precision non-ferrous parts in the Aerospace and allied industries. Other products have now been developed for processes including materials wheels, Casting type moulds and casting of jewelry with pre-set diamond stones. JPL also manufacture injection waxes and silicone rubber for jewelry application.
       A complex manufacture process is backed up by exhaustive raw material control testing and in-house quality control. It goes without saying that JPL operate ISO9002. JPL handle naturally occurring mineral and have become experts in producing consistent finished products to the tightest specifications. Every batch of JPL investment powder is tested in the company’s in house hot metal laboratory as part of the QC procedure.
       JPL operates from its own purpose build factory in Rayong Province. In 1995, 3 people were employed in a 20,000 sq.ft factory. The company now employs over 30 people and occupies some 30,000sq ft. the growth of JPL has been achieved by maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability allied to constant research,   development and product innovation. Out of the 30 employees, 20% are employed in a fully equipped laboratory designed for quality control testing and for duplication of customer production conditions.