Jewelry Plaster Co,.Ltd.

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Jewelry Plaster Co,.Ltd


- Investment Powder
We are the specialist manufacturer of high quality Investment Powders. We can supply all your needs in jewelry manufacturing from the general purpose casting to the high-end variety for super fine surface finish.
- Injection Waxes
Designed in conjunction with manufacturing jewellers, Our Injection Waxes represent the latest in wax technology. We offer a complete range of waxes for a variety of requiremments. Our Injection Waxes are suitable for types of wax injector especially automatic vacuum machines.
- Ruber Mould
JWL introduce a top quality Silicone Rubber which using a highest quality polymers and fillers to give a high performance silicone rubber with a superior shiny surface finish require less release spray and no talc. Very easy to cut due to high elasticity and easy to see where to make a cuts.